Can I visit/tour 衔接学校 before the school district/charter school agrees to send a referral?

是的.  We welcome families/professionals to tour our program at any point in the process; however, we cannot schedule the Intake Meeting until after the school has submitted a referral for consideration.  必赢app彩票网址 staff will offer guidance relative to the timing of a tour based on individual conversation with families/caregivers, 但我会尊重那些要求参观的人的意愿.


学生将在必赢app彩票网址会议期间参观学校.  在此期间, they will get a tour of the school and spend time interacting with some of our staff to help us make responsible placement recommendations.  在吸纳会议之前, a student is welcome to join their parent/guardian on a tour of the school if desired.  必赢app彩票网址 staff will provide guidance to families as appropriate when scheduling a tour of the school.


Recommendations are made based on information gained via a combination of record review, 与了解学生的人交谈, a possible observation in the student’s current placement and the Intake Meeting.  Through this thorough process, we are able to gather the information we need for recommendations.  

What happens if there is no room in the classroom that is appropriate for my child?

If the appropriate classroom is full, 必赢app彩票网址 staff will add the students name to a waiting list.  如果空间打开了, 必赢app彩票网址 staff will reach out to the referral professional and parent/guardian.  如果IEP小组同意重新转介, 必赢app彩票网址人员将遵循推荐流程步骤.  Depending on the time since the initial referral, updated records may be required.


We value the opportunity to review any educational and clinical records/evaluations done within the last year (or two depending on the document).  我们需要看到当前的个性化教育计划, 当前IEP的评估报告/再评估报告和进度报告.  Additional documents are determined based on the individual students needs/abilities and can include but are not limited to: Functional Behavior Assessment (FBA), 积极行为支持计划(PBSP), 职业治疗评估, 演讲 & 语言评价, 物理治疗评估, 心理学、神经心理学、心理教育评估, 精神评估.


The 必赢app彩票网址 team aims to provide timely responses when referrals are received, 目标是在收到转介后一周内与家属联系.  这个时间表取决于收到的转介量, 所以在某些情况下会花费更多的时间.  从收到推荐到学生开始学习, 这个过程通常需要2-4周.  这个时间表允许文件审查, 其他信息收集对话, 安排入学和完成入学文书工作.  Each case is different and can move more or less quickly based on any number of factors. 有关注册过程的更多信息,请点击这里.


衔接学校 is licensed to serve students Kindergarten through the age of 21.


Students attending 衔接学校 have a variety of educational and clinical/medical diagnosis including but not limited to: Autism, 特殊学习障碍, 情绪困扰, 焦虑性障碍, 注意力缺陷多动症, 处于轻度智力残疾的边缘.  The needs of each student are considered so we can be confident in our ability to support them.  虽然我们的一些学生有演讲 & 语言障碍, all students are utilizing verbal language to access their education and interact with their peers/staff.  Students with more significant communication needs are not appropriately served by 衔接学校.

你们提供相关服务吗.e. 言语、职业治疗、心理辅导等)?


  • 言语/语言病理学家
  • 职业治疗师/注册职业治疗助理
  • 阅读治疗师
  • 学校心理学家
  • 社会工作者
  • 学校护士

如果学生需要额外的相关服务,必赢app彩票网址无法提供, the admissions team works with the LEA to have them contract with agencies to provide those. 这可以包括物理治疗等服务, 视觉疗法, 听力治疗, 定向和移动性, 和其他人.


学生们每天都要参加学术课程.  一般, class periods are 40 minutes long and students receive instruction in English Language Arts, 数学, 历史/社会研究, 科学与社会技能.  k -8年级的学生接受体育教育, 健康, 干细胞活动, 创意艺术和技术每周一次.  高中学生每周将接受体育/健康教育, 而是因为他们参与了我们的职业教育项目, 可能没有安排创意艺术或技术课.  午饭后, all students have a designated amount of time to socialize with their friends before they head back into classes for the afternoon.  一周几天, the last class period of the day is when students participate in elective/club experiences and the other days, they have Resource class which allows them to catch up on work they may have missed and/or get additional support in subjects as needed.


All students have the opportunity to select elective classes to participate in a couple of times weekly. Electives include but are not limited to Technology, Cooking, Creative Arts, Robotics, and Sports.  选修课会根据学生的兴趣进行更新.

另外, all of our students have the opportunity to participate in our Drama Program which allows them to be an actor/actress in the school play.  Students interested in participating will have practices one time per week for the semester, and the plays are then performed at a local theatre company at the end of the semester.

STEM编程对所有学生都很重要.  衔接学校 is one of the first Approved Private Schools in the country to provide STEM for all students – regardless of ability/need.  在他们的教育项目中, 通过我们创新中心的经验, 学生们整个星期都在参与STEM.


家长/监护人的沟通对必赢app彩票网址很重要.  We value the collaboration we have with our families and know it is important for family members to be included in their child’s education.  The student’s homeroom teacher will be the main point of contact for our parents/guardians.  在新学年的开始, 或者在学生入学后不久, the homeroom teacher will initiate contact with the parent/guardian to discuss communication preferences – frequency and format of communication.  父母 are always welcome to reach out to their child’s teacher at any time via email but we ask that phone calls be made before/after school hours so as not to interfere with instruction.  The teacher will respond to emails as soon as possible when not responsible for student programming.



是的,途径学校也有自己的莱特兄弟——扎希尔和扎基尔! They are identical twins who had their own way of communicating with each other from the time they were babies. 然而,随着他们长大,他们在与人交流方面遇到了困难...


Syheem Curry enrolled at 衔接学校 in the fall of 2017 and continues to brighten the day of all of those who are around him with his warm and comforting smile. 即使在COVID-19大流行期间,当口罩让我们看不到他的嘴时,...